Saturday, December 30, 2006

An Awesome "Trot" Around Williamsburg, KY

12-29-2006 My run in Williamsburg, KY...
Yes here it is the evening after the evening before and now I find myself in Williamsburg, Kentucky... Two trips ago (I drive to Cleaveland,OH fairly regular) after possibly hundreds of trips up I-75 north of Knoxville, TN I looked to the east of the interstate as I passed exit 11 I noticed some rather "colonial" looking buildings off in the distance and vowed to make that a run destination very soon. As luck would have it there is also a Pilot Truck Stop on the west side of I-75 at the same exit... Note to self- Get back there!
Today was my day, actually afternoon at almost the same time of day that I had the opportunity yesterday in Ohio. Sundown. I started with a set of light stretches no more than seven seconds/per (learned my lesson a few weeks ago over-stretching before a run, OUCH).
I always love the looks that I get from other drivers when I leave a truck stop parking area running! You may know the one... that "What the Heck is he doing? ... and dressed like that" look. Today it was cool and was wearing my running tights, extra shirt, running cap with ear protection (from the cool air), L.E.D ankle wrap with emergency info in the zipper pocket (you never know) and Flashing L.E.D light clipped to my hat and water bottle! Now that I think about it maybe I should lighten up a bit! Ha! Ha!
Anyway I started out with a warm up running out the side entrance down the frontage road for about .75 mile than doubled back to make my trek over the interstate (by bridge of course). Within just a couple of moments It was clear that I was, with all of my safety lights blinking and shining that I was a target. Yes that is right, I was the light bulb in the creeping evening darkness and every automobile had instantly become very large killer moths out to get me! With a big sight and mumbled comments I just continued on, happy just to have the opportunity! Forgive me for my lack of road names as far as direction, I can just tell you that I ran to an intersection where I had to turn left or right and seeing that the old looking buildings with steeple towers were to my left... that was my choice. Fortunately there was at least a three foot shoulder on the side of the road and even grass to jump to if I needed. Apparently there had been many before me with smiler thought and aspirations.. I found a nicely groomed trail through the grass that made my run so much more comfortable. After quite a few minutes I realized that I was running along side a river, though I didn't know it's name or history. I just ran. wondering where this would take me. Past a couple of convenience stores, gas stations a a grocery store people seemed friendly but at the same time curious. This was after all a small town where from the looks of it could be assumed that everyone knows everyone. I was just taking it all in enjoying the run and at the same time wondering when, or if I would find a bridge to cross the river. After all my intended destination was "over there" and I was not going the right direction at this point. I eventually did find a bridge. to cross the river there was two bridges. Each being a "One Way", me choosing the one keeping traffic facing me. As soon as I came down the other side I saw many cars along the streets and the surrounding parking lots full of cars. This not being a church night in a small town, I know what was taking place... A service for the passing of a loved one and obviously a very well liked and respected person in the community. May they rest in peace and may those left behind find peace in their passing.
I proceeded passed the Funeral home and through an intersection and as I looked ahead to my joy a nice long slow hill. Traffic was light now that I turned off the main highway. I just dug in and set a pace that would get me to the top and at the same time get my heart rate up there. I knew that what goes up must come down, and that would be my time to cool down and re-group for the trip back to the truck. the hill was several blocks and as I neared the top I could hear a train, he was crossing the street in font of me. Which gave me what I call time for "Running Exploration". The old Train depot was still there, so I turned and ran up the street along side of it. It now houses the local history museum and was in quite nice condition. I just had to run up the side steps and across the back deck where passengers used to board the train... There was only about 15 feet of it there, but I can say that I did it! I continued on with my eyes on the steeples. There were now to my left but I could see the entrance ahead with what looked like old college housing to my left and right. Very well manicured lawns, exquisitely painted and brick with a few still decorated with Christmas lights. A little further the entrance to what I now know to be "University of the Cumberland's" was on my left. As I passed through the entrance I could feel the history and prestige that comes from attending school here. I ran, taking it all in. Wondering who had ran here before, how many had attended this school and how had their education here affected others in the world. Quite an experience for me. I ran past the large buildings each with a steeple in the center of their roof Knowing that these were the very roofs that I had seen weeks earlier from a distance while traveling up the
interstate. How great it is to make running plans... and make the opportunity to follow through with them! Having given myself a quick "pass through" tour I discovered that I could run through and to the left and down to exit
the campus, which I did. But not until running around a beautiful bronze sculpture of Jesus cleaning the feet of a disciple. Named "Divine Servant" it was a breathtaking piece of art. I then continued on. As I exited I turned to
the right and down through what I would describe as the older commercial side of town and left along the old streets.
I just can not put into words the feelings that I get running in these historic towns. Sometimes there is a sense of peace, others there is obviously a sense of unrest and anger, which thankfully I don't see much of the latter. It's is as if, for just a moment, I get to leave my sense of being and experience the sounds, smells and feeling of people and places that I might never have seen or experienced... I know, getting a bit deep, that' just me...
I ran up a slight grade a then as mentioned, I got the long slow grade back down to the rivers edge. Which while typing my little story, have discovered that it's name is the 'Cumberland River' and the college was established January 7, 1889. Know I'm sure that there are a few of you out there that are asking "You mean
this guy had never heard of UC..." Unfortunately, No. I just saw the pretty buildings from afar one day and, well, here I am. As simple as it sounds, that's the way it was until now.
I ran along the rivers edge until I came back to the bridge that I Had originally found, passed it and crossed so that the wonderful "Moths" might give me a fighting chance. Along the road that I had followed to get here, I was now running along again. To return to my 18 wheels of rolling thunder and as is usually the case the return run seemed to be shorter than that that brought me to my destination. keeping my HR in the mid 170's I was looking forward to my cool down along the traffic less frontage road away from the smell of automobile exhaust. Just a skip across I-75, cross the road through autos waiting for their light to turn green, their drivers stuck in that familiar sitting position watching in wonder while some strange guy in tights runs in front of them on his way to his "Big Truck" wait a minute..... That was a"Truck Driver?" Ha Ha! And yes, I made it. To my post run Sports Drink, Banana and Cashews... Another exploring adventure was concluded... God Bless.

PS, as I later found out through the miracle of the web. The streets of the college once carried the shoes of two governors, five military generals, an admiral, five college and university presidents, a Congressman, ministers, missionaries, legislators, judges, a host of medical doctors and attorneys, teachers and the list goes on. (this info found at their web-site:

Such an awesome run... thanks for reading... DC

Friday, December 15, 2006

Yes... Running Truck Drivers...?

Greetings world... Is is all new to me, Blogging and all, but here it goes! My name is DC and I am a runner who just happens to drive a truck. Yes 18 wheels and all. Which, from a running perspective is quite unique. Waking up in a different city each morning makes for some great running opportunities. Sight seeing, meeting new people and just getting a feel for a new city, all from the comfort of a pair of Nike Pegasus pounding the ground. In the near future I will begin posting these experiences and happenings from around the country (USA) from a running truckers point of view.
I just had a great run in Charleston, West Virginia. About 10 miles, from McCorkle Ave S of I-77 down the bike trail to a bridge across the river and north to the Capital Building and Capital Complex. It was a great morning in the high 40's with fog rising off the river and the dome of the capital enveloped in fog showing only the faintest outline in the morning sky. I ran to the base of the Abraham Lincoln Statue touched the toe of his right boot and proceeded to the stairs leading up to the entrance ( I have to admit, I felt like Stalone in Rocky!) I had to take 5 and just soak it all in. So, based on this thrill, I hope to (when I can get within about five to seven miles of a State Capital) take a tour of each of the State Capital grounds that I pass through. In the mean-time I will simply be thankful that I wake up each morning with the ability to RUN!
Merry Christmas to all! More coming soon! DC

My Thomas Wolfe 8k

This is me... In the red shirt. This was the end of the Thomas Wolfe 8k race in Asheville, NC on Sept 30, 2006. One thing I have not figured out, was that the man I raced to the finish was (from another photo of the beginning of the race) was standing right next to me when the gun went off at the start... STRANGE! Not to brag, but I beat him to the line at least. In my opinion this finish was simply my best performance in a public competition in my life! I have always seemed to take a more passive approach. However, this day I was in the "Zone". a true 110%. This guy really gave me a run for the money. You can not see it in this photo, but the last 200 yards was all cobble stone in the downtown historic district... I remember thinking... "If I fall the road rash will heal, If I beat this guy O The Glory!" In the heat of the moment I herd a There goes my boy! Ha Ha! It was my Dad. At just the right time he was there.. Thanks Dad! I finished in 42:42. Good Times...