Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On Way Back To Florida...

Well here I go again, back to the sunshine state.On my way I stopped in Saluda,NC for a nice hilly run (More like a MNT run no hills there). Though it was a solid '8' as far as runs away from home go. CHEERS...

The 1/2 Way Point On My 18.9er

Well, I just had to thow in a pick with the Clyde Town Hall in the background... It's across the street from the guns that I mentioned. Sort of my 'proof' if you know what I mean...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Well, I DID IT! 18.9 miles!

Though I know that I am a newbie to all this running stuff, I think that I am getting that much closer to a "Runners Status". I'm laying in bed last night just cat nappin'. As I had been doing most of the day, just taking it easy. I had the 10+/- run in Asheville two days before and a very quick 4.2mi run the night before, and now I was laying in bed when... BOOM! I heard the words, Get up and take a run to Clyde (NC). A little town about 7 miles away if you take the 19/23 bypass around town. I new that it would damage the thought if I questioned these words. So I did what any runner would do. I got up, suited up, filled my water pack, grabbed a banana, cut it in half and bagged it up and grabbed a powerbar and I was off. It was the coolest thing. Just to submit with out question and do what I knew needed to be done. I ran in a counter clock wise direction around town (Waynesville) and proceeded toward the destination. I only had one question. Which would be the best route? I soon had an answer. The old highway that ran towards Asheville, which runs through the town of Clyde. At the old town square in an old turret guns/cannon from a battle ship that is a WWII memorial. That was said would be my destination. (Don't ask me, I just listened and did what the voice said). I just settled into my pace and put the distance out of my mind, and in what seemed like no time at all I was leaving my city's limits well under way. I would not be exaggerating if I said that this course is VERY hilly. I do not have the stats now but I will be taking my GPS in the car soon just to check it out. Sever great accents and equal descents, NO DOUBT. I got to my half way point, arrived at the guns and started running in circles around them while digging out my powerbar, I felt that is was easier there,than eating while actually running down the side of the highway. On my return trip I ran the south frontage road and decided to run around Lake Junaluska (World Headquarters for the United Methodists) a very beautiful place. Actually half way around as I continued towards Waynesville and then home. At around the 13-14 miles mark I was experiencing things feelings that I had never had... The strange way you begin to question yourself, the doubt, then bliss and being positive and back a forth. Really quite amazing sitting here thing about it. When you are in that zone, you truly are in a different state of mind or an "Altered State" if you will. It was such a trip. I felt that because of my willingness to listen to that little voice I was being shown how the balance can tilt either to the positive or the negative with just a single thought, almost as if I was somehow watching from a third party viewpoint. (sorry for the deepness of all this) The experience was just that profound for me. Once I made it back to the house I had ran for a total of 18.9 miles in 3:09:30 a 10:01/mile pace and burned 2418 calories. Now I know that this distance was well short of a marathon distance, but knowing how I felt at the end, I am now very confident in my bid to finish Knoxville on April 1. Have you had any experiences like this? I'd love to hear for you and hear your stories.

In the morning I will be heading to Miami,FL. Where I hope to get at least a couple good runs in down there. I will be posing via cel, with the run-cam stay tuned! Thank you for taking the time to read this crazy running truckers blog, DC

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Advice I Read... Really Helped!

Recently I found a copy of Bob Glovers's "The Running Handbook". It has turned out to be a great purchase! THough it has been somewhat hard to read thru all of the tips and scheduals for new runners, I have simple been trying to remember the advise so that I can pass that on in the event I get to talk with a new runner. Today I was reading about "Your First Marathon". I am not a marathoner (yet) I hope to change my status on April 1 of this year in Knoxville,TN by the way ;). And the tips for starting out slow, for some reason, just "clicked". So after I got off work today I headed over to "JusRunning" ( ) in Asheville,NC talked with them a few and set out from there on a run. Man, I felt like that little pink bunny baterey salesman guy... I stayed focused on my pace, and just took the time to enjoy my surroundings... What an AWESOME RUN I had! I highly recomend a copy of this book. If you don't already have one. You have to remember, I am a bonafied "NEWBY" at all this running stuff, so much is knew to me (almost everything other than left, right, left, right, ect) I'm very excited! I got a little over 9 miles in tonight. Which included running through UNC-asheville, through downtown and up town mountain to "The Grove Park Inn" that was super cool, then down the mountain through all of the surrounding pristine neighborhoods... I felt great when I finished. I'm going to shoot for a 16 miler soon, I'm curious.

A Safe Return Home/I Figured It Out (I think)

I'm safely back in the Mtns of NC. I made it home late
yesterday and as how it usually takes place after
sitting behind the wheel for 10+ hrs my ankles and
lower legs had swollen just enough for me not to take
a chance on hurting myself. :( However, Today Is A New
Day! AND... I have a nice run planned for this
afternoon! My weekly mileage is at about 50% of normal
this week, and I can tell you that it has not been
easy. I'm getting a little antsy.

Oh, I believe I have
found the culprit to my knee issue... About 10 days ago
I changed the laces in my running shoes over to the
elastic lock type and I just have not been able to get
them adjusted correctly before each run. Sometimes too tight
on the top of my foot, another time tight at the
toe... VERY Inconsistent to say the least and I don't
enjoy any inconsistency concerning my shoe,
Nike Knew What They Were Doing When They Designed
Their Laces... I Should Have Left Them Alone!
Anyway, I believe that due to the laces "pinching" here
and there and unconsciously being forced to limp has affected
my stride and in turn caused the injury... Now that I'm
aware I'll see what I can get accomplished.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Workout Totals...

Well, while I'm on the road I do my "On The Road Posts" via my cell. Unfortunatly I am not able to run my mileage on "" until I get home. So don't be confused... I'm out here pounding the pavement in a town near you! Thanks, See ya!

Watson Pond State Park In Ma

I just had to have a pic of my rum in Mass...

I Made It to Massachusetts!

Well after a bullet run up here to Massachusetts (hope I spelled that correct) from North Carolina, bringing more orange juice than one person could ever drink... Here I am! I was quite tired and needed rest this morning so... I found a safe place to park slept and wa-la, re-charged and ready to take an evening run. The sun was setting and I woke up hungry, so I did what any runner would do. I walked over to the Chinese Food Rest. ordered a chicken fried rice to go, took it to the truck, got changed into my running shorts and I was off. It had been a nice day (slept with the truck off and windows cracked) but now it was getting cool...quick! I checked out the surrounding area via or was that,anyway I found that there was a state part just a mile or so down the road (Watson Pond State Park) There was a beautiful sunset as I ran, and the autos where courteous and moved over enough to keep me from becoming road kill. I did a short warm up down and around a shopping center,out and through an old cemetery (I aways say "just passin' through") just in case...;) and on to the state park. At this time of afternoon there was not alot to see, just a beautiful frozen pond (as big as a lake in my book) I took a pic as I usually do, and headed back. My rice was still warm when I got to the truck, Mmmmm. It was a fairly short run, but at least I can say "I've ran in Massachusetts!

A Bit Confusing... But This Is Part 2... Opps!

Anyway, After I took got changed, checked my route and got changed I took off running up Hwy 11. It did'nt take long and my HR was going nuts. I just could not figure it out. I'd slow down... drop two BPM speed up and Boom.. Max... What's going on? I just adjusted my pace, and settled in. I made it into town, past the post office city hall and the fire station and came to a decent down hill trot down to the next cross street (so that I had a reference point) and headed back. As I topped the hill that I had just ran down, I saw why my HR was so high... I had been running uphill for the last 2.5 miles! Ha Ha. This ever happen to you? But it was a great run in a new place... I got back to the truck stop got changed and headed over to a Subway... (At least it was better than a .99 cent hamberger/heart-attack)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Troutville,VA Part-1

I woke up today (2/20)in Troutville,Va excited to get out and run after a 2day knee rest. It turned out to be just as I had hoped. Right at 6 miles. The first 1/2 being a long slow HR raiser.Confused me at first I did't 'see' the hill! Ha Ha! ;)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This Took Place After My Run In Troutville... Part 3

After the run and getting changed I headed over to
Subway, the best food I could find at the time. I took
my new used book: The Runners Handbook 1998ed By Bob
Glover. So far a good book. Got my sandwich and read a
few pages. I sat the book down and the man at the
booth next to mine asked if I was a runner. He
introducedhimself as Jim. He sgared a few of his
running experiences from when he was in the army with
me, and about running up to the summit of the Garden
Of The Gods while in CO, to watch the sunrise. Awesome
times, thank you for sharing that with me. Though wd
drive trucks now, remember, Once A Runner Always A
Runner, Run Strong Jim, DC. Thank you for taking the
time to read my blog...

Go North Young Man!

Well, Ok Im not all that young anymore, but it made me
feel good for the moment! I am now on my way to
Taunton,MA. About 63miles from your training ground
Steve (of the awesome podcast Phedippidations). I am
excited about this trip because I have been through
there many times, but never had the chance to run.
Along I95 are several beautiful towns and after two
days of rest, Im Ready To RUN! I have my first run
planned in Raphine,VA later this afternoon. I have had
to take a couple of days and just work on stretching.
My right knee has falken victom to gas peddle knee
syndrome (I Made That Up)Its from driuing this big
truck on snow and ice without the cruze set. Very
dangerous to use in weather like that. Not good... on
the gas,off the gas, on the gas. hundreds of times for
hours on end. Not good for a runner... Do you have any
suggestions as towhich stretches are best for the
right side of my right knee? Thank You For Stopping
By, DC

Monday, February 19, 2007

The 'Trail of Tears'

This past Friday I had the opportunity to take my run around Calhoun,Ga. I was able to run within just a couple of miles of the old geographical center of the Cherokee Nation prior to the 'Trail of Tears'to Oklahoma and dates back 1000+ years!Cool stuff

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Nice Snowy Night Run Back At Home In Waynesville, NC

I'm going to have to start calling these 'Run Cam Pics'. This was my veiw as I ran past the Jr. High tonight. I love to run in the snow, but tonight was very icey and slick. Great for the ole' calves and shins!

Trail of Tears... Calhoun, Ga

I took this pic on yesterdays run in Calhoun,Ga.I learned that the geographical center of the Cherokee Nation dating back more than 1000 years was/is just east of town.Not alot of room for runners around here but most moved over for me, some I had to jum

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Great Run To "Railroad" (Pa.)

In the wee hrs. of the 14th I had a great run from Shewsbury,Pa to Railroad, Pa.At 17F w/snow,sleet and towards the end quite windy. All at 3:30am.Just me and the snow plows.A solid top 5 in my list of peaceful runs! My 1st experience running in snow.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not The Best Running Conditions...

I am on my way to Baltimore,Md from Cleveland,Oh. I just woke up after a good after-noons sleep to find these wonderful conditions. A couple of inches of snow and now freezing rain... Lets go RUN!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I Made It Home Safe.

I made it home to NC after the "quick" trip to Florida. I sure enjoyed the warm weather and the two great runs that I got in down there. I'm a bit under the weather now due to mis communication with my Dr. This whole thyroid deal is about to drive me crazy. The reason I mention this to you is that if you have a "hyper" thyroid don't delay in treatment. Or as in my situation being stuck with no refill on meds... Not a good thing at all. Stress is my worst enemy at this point. So my morning run was a nice stress reliever. However My heart rate seemed a little "loose". Meaning that on my run it seemed to peek very quickly and drop to normal very quickly if I took a 30 second walk. Still I was able to hold my intended marathon pace for 6.5+ miles. I can only assume that keeping my running up will help me through this... Any ideas?

I will do my best to post while on my way to Cleveland,OH. Which as soon as I finish this post is where I am headed to. Have a great Monday... DC

A Quick Note: Production and preparation of the "DC The Running Trucker Podcast" is well underway! I will keep you Posted! Stay Tuned!...

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Nice Run In Pompano Beach, FL Tonight...

I made it back to Pompano, only this time I ran a bit north, up the A1A to the public fishing pier. Around a 7 miler and the pier was awesome! It cost $1 for a runner to run out to the end and back. A $1 well spent. (phone pics/updated via PCS)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Fort Pierce, FL

Tonight I had the opportunity to take a nice 'trot' into Fort Pierce. I was able to get within 25 blocks of the Atlantic, mabe next time... It was a cool run, high 40's\low 50's and dark. It will be a better run during daylight hours... Peaceful though...

Saturday, February 3, 2007


Howdy! Well, I finally have some great news for myself. I wasn't falling apart after-all. Over the last few weeks I have mentioned that I would run my first three miles at a pretty fast pace, but then have to take one or two walks of a minute each. One after the first two miles and one after the third, then I found I could just run and run until I felt like stopping. However I just didn't understand the whole walking thing. I just could not figure out why after all of these months of running walk free why was I needing the walks now? Now I know. I WAS TIRED. and NEEDED REST. I took two days this week and rested, stretched and worked on a new set of exercises targeting my sins and calves. Then had to take a third (yesterday) due to my schedule at work (Cleveland,OH and back in a shot). AND MAN! Tonight what a difference! I felt great and finished with a nice 8:18 min/mile average for 5.25 miles! Not bad for a 38 year old steering wheel holding Trucker!

It was a nice cold night by the way. 15F when I stepped out the door and 12F when I returned. No wind thank goodness and I got started at 1:35am. The only people that I saw was two of Waynesville's Finest (Local Police) and two cars who's drivers both had to slow down and stare... Guess that it must seem a little strange seeing a guy run down the road at 1:45in the morning wearing running tights with a flashing red LED on his hat after having a couple at the bar...! Ha Ha!

Mal James of "point one of one percent" I got it figured out man! I'm absolutely ecstatic! Just a little rest was all it took! (Thought I was loosing it) Thanks Man! DC