Sunday, May 20, 2007

How Is Your Springtime Running Going?

I guess that's a good question for you... How is your springtime running? Have you ran any good races lately? Not talking about "Time" so to speak, that to me is something between the runner and him/her self. A 13 min 5k is the same as a 59min 5k, the bottom line, you did it!

I have tryed something new over the last few weeks. Several times over the last few months I started increasing my mileage a little too fast and as it went I ended up with a sore shine or foot and had to back off for "a while". Then I read an article that suggested running less days per week but adding more miles to my runs. Now, I really love to get out and run for an hour and a half to two hrs, but running six-days-a-week it was just too much. At first it drove me nuts! I missed my daily run like you have know idea. But then when I did run and ran further it was awesome! As an example, in the last 7days I ran a 17miler, a 10+ miler and a 12+ miler with a 5+ and one day of "speed in there being today which was day eight. I ran two one mile loops around the block here and was quite surprised. Anyway, for me this has worked and allowed me to keep my weekly miles above 30 for the last 7 weeks. I'm sure there are several of you that run many more, I'm still a newbie! Anyway, this run longer and take a day and ride my bike or work on my core then run long on the third seems to be working for me.

Just a quick note. Since my little incident with the wacked out driver and having to use the pepper spray, all is better now. It really messed with me for a while. Time really does heal all or at least gives us time to adjust! Thank you all for your well-wishes. Remember though, always expect the UN-expected even while running near your home... DC

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