Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hello Fellow Runners!

Yes, I know GREEN! Hey I was just getting used to spring what can I say?!

Well I know that it has been a while since my last posting, I'm still here. My running is going pretty good. I set a new PR A few weeks ago in a local 5K. I finished 12th out of 168 people with a 00:20:18. It was an amazing race. For the first 75 yards I was out in front and IT FELT AWESOME! I was quickly over-run by whome I call the "ELETE" guys, but man that few seconds was AWESOME! I have been averaging my mid thirty mile weeks now for about 12 or 13 weeks now. Dropped my running "EVERYDAY" to running more miles per run at four or five runs per week. I just kept feeling that I was really pushing the envelope towards injury running too often.

If you have kept up with me on this blog, you know of a mis-hap with a late-night driver who ended up going to jail along with her partner who decided to step out of the car and threaten me bodily harm. Well the court date was yesterday. So I had to appear. Well with over 200 cases to be heard that day it made it a bit hard to have "My day in court". It has been re-set for a month from now. To be honest, It's driving me fricken nuts. I just hate unfinished business of this caliber. I don't know how lawyers do it everyday, must be the $. Anyway, the whole incident rattled me really good, I had gotten away from my Posts Here and I guess got a bit depressed, The Good News... I'm back. God bless you all. Check back soon, DC

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