Tuesday, April 24, 2007

These Socks Are AWESOME!

I have some awesome news. I am always interested in finding that "little something" that will help me with my performance and comfort level with my running. I mean, If my body is comfortable while I run then I find it much easier to get into the "Zone" we all enjoy while running. First thing, I AM NOT being pain or compensated in anyway to "push" this product AND it takes alot to get me to really "get into" someone Else's brand name. Yesterday morning I received the pair of Injinji Socks that I ordered a few days ago via the web. I have been very curios about them since I heard what the Ultra Marathon guys and gals said about them. I put them on and at first they were a little on the "different" side. but as soon as I put on my shoes... WOW! I can best describe it as being "Barefoot" I immediately felt that I had more control of my feet even though I had my shoes on. I wore them throughout my work day. Then I returned home for my evening run. I set out for a 5 miler that I do quite often. As I ran I just could not believe the difference. I felt things going on in my shoes that I was not aware of. Massive control in stride to stepping off of curbs running on gravel and the occasional jump to the grass as cars passed... They REALLY helped me. I ended up running 11 1/2 miles with MUCH less fatigue in my lower legs. It's really amazing. I would say, it is my opinion, if you are looking for that added "something" to help you be a better runner if through nothing but through a better understanding about what your feet are truly feeling, try these socks, your toes have alot to say to you! Have a good one, DC

This is their address, - http://www.injinji.com

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