Tuesday, April 24, 2007

These Socks Are AWESOME!

I have some awesome news. I am always interested in finding that "little something" that will help me with my performance and comfort level with my running. I mean, If my body is comfortable while I run then I find it much easier to get into the "Zone" we all enjoy while running. First thing, I AM NOT being pain or compensated in anyway to "push" this product AND it takes alot to get me to really "get into" someone Else's brand name. Yesterday morning I received the pair of Injinji Socks that I ordered a few days ago via the web. I have been very curios about them since I heard what the Ultra Marathon guys and gals said about them. I put them on and at first they were a little on the "different" side. but as soon as I put on my shoes... WOW! I can best describe it as being "Barefoot" I immediately felt that I had more control of my feet even though I had my shoes on. I wore them throughout my work day. Then I returned home for my evening run. I set out for a 5 miler that I do quite often. As I ran I just could not believe the difference. I felt things going on in my shoes that I was not aware of. Massive control in stride to stepping off of curbs running on gravel and the occasional jump to the grass as cars passed... They REALLY helped me. I ended up running 11 1/2 miles with MUCH less fatigue in my lower legs. It's really amazing. I would say, it is my opinion, if you are looking for that added "something" to help you be a better runner if through nothing but through a better understanding about what your feet are truly feeling, try these socks, your toes have alot to say to you! Have a good one, DC

This is their address, - http://www.injinji.com

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy Week-End To You!

Just a quick note... I've got to get outside to enjoy the nice weather here in Western North Carolina, so I can't sit here too long.

Anyway, If you have been interested in my runs around the USA, please check out my link to www.MapMyRun.com just a little bit down this page on the right... And while you're at it, set up a FREE account for yourself, map out Your Runs and give me a shout. I'd really enjoy seeing where you run! Have a good day, DC

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Week of Running... ok,12 days...

The past twelve days have been interesting without a doubt. I have had some great runs since my Marathon in Knoxville, TN, which is now well behind me. That next week-end I was able to knock +/- 7min. off of my 5k PR. That week was set aside just for my recovery from my first marathon. No driving (in the big truck) for a week after the race, I planned. Then the reality of being home started to brew. I started seeing opportunities around me that I just could not ignore. So I made the executive decision to step out of the truck and stay home. Once I ran the numbers and determined what "life on the road" was really costing me in dollars and cents as I was away from home, working really hard to eat good food (no McDonald's,etc) and get enough sleep, not to mention the level of stress that a person is under while guiding an 18 wheeler down the highway. This may sound like I am just complaining about the way of life and making a living that I had, a long while ago chosen for myself. Really, it was just killing me. The time that I really enjoyed was my running in a different town each day. In short for me it was/is just a time for a change. I want the time for my family, time to train and get involved with the running community in my area. There are SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES, POSSIBILITIES...ETC, ETC...

Anyway, My Running. The past 12 days have been awesome. Five of the days have been 7 miles plus, one six plus and a few short ones. What I have noticed is that now that I am running more in the daylight hours around here. As you may know, I have done most of my winter training at home in the wee hours of the morning 12am-3am in sub freezing temps as to not miss any time with family while at home. But anyway, I seem to really be getting stronger and faster. In the next week or two (I not exactly sure the exact date) I will be having my 1st Year Anniversary for my RuNnInG CaReEr! That's right, I'm still a newbie. Only a year ago I could not run 50 yards without thinking that "God I hope someone sees me laying here and calls the rescue squad!" (Well, that how I felt anyway). Now this morning I took a nice run in the morning sun and ran almost 6.4 miles at a 8:03 pace! That's speed goggles for this ole' wannabe runner! If I can do this anyone can! Just take the first step... REALLY!

Look, thank you for sticking with me through these changes, I know that it may not be as interesting as reading about some guy traveling the country, running in a different town each day. But I can say I'm a happier, healthyer runner for it... Thanks for stopping by and hey, If you've got a minute, check out my newest blog, http://www.dctherunner.com and let me know what you think. A little more of my "Writting" can be found there. Thoughts that sort of come to me while on my runs... Run Strong, DC

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hi! Lucy, you have some splaning to dooo.....


Well, as you noticed I have been away for just over a week. My apologises for my disappearance. But here I am. I have been quite busy with a few new ventures in my life. The first being, just being at home more. You see, I am a runner and a trucker, and the list goes on. But about the trucker part. Driving can be quite a "romantic" thing. Rolling up and down the highways of this great country. However it's not the best way to watch your children grow up. You see, I have a little girl here at home that is essentially growing up without her daddy because I have been on the road so much. Not to mention ALL of the work that my wife has to do to take my place. Hence, I am at home now. DC the running trucker, after more than 11 years is becoming DC The Runner. I do hope that you understand were I am coming from. I will continue on with this blog and most likely will slowly merge into another including producing a podcast in the next few months. Something that I have been planning on and even have gotten started on episode #1, but this and that have happened.

My running continues on. I continue to feel stronger than ever after the Knoxville Marathon. I am currently keeping my eyes open for another in the next six weeks or so. I am open to suggestions if you know of a good one out there. I have been having alt of fun with the "Presidential Challenge" witch I signed up for last week and have been chopping away at my "point" to earn first my "Bronze Medal" then I hope to continue on to the "Silver" and "Gold". You can check it out for yourself at http://www.presidentschallenge.org/ it's just another fun way to motivate you in your running and I'm having a blast!

I would also like to say CONGRATULATIONS! to Steve Runner of Pheddipidations at www.SteveRunner.com for his successful running of the 111th Boston Marathon! High Five Steve! We are all so proud of you!

I want to thank you for stopping by and please understand, this is not the end of anything, just the beginning of something much more grand! I will still be here, Posting to my nutty little blog! Thanks DC

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Short Race 5k Report:

This past Saturday, as you may have seen, I ran in the "Lake J 5k"... The first annual, that's pretty cool in itself! Just 6 days after my first marathon. I have heard some say that is too soon and that we need more rest after a long race like that. But, I felt strong and anxious to run again. I did take a five mile run the day before the 5k just to see how I might feel and all checked out OK. Just a little pain in my right knee.

We awoke to just over an inch of snow on the ground on race morning. And unfortunately it was also 15deg F to boot with a wind chill of about 5deg F. By the time we arrived at the starting area it had warmed up to about 19deg F, with a wind chill of 15F. One word... BURRRRRRR! I have trained/ran all winter in all types of cold down to below zero, and I must honestly say, this was the first time that i REALLY got cold. At the starters call we took off. My younger brother Ryan by my side. It was a VERY fast start. As I am a newbie and this was my Bro's first ever 5k (real cool) we just hammered at it. At the 1/2 mile mark we were at a 6:05 pace and I knew that we would never make it at that. by the time we reached the .75 mark we backed off and tryed to settle in at around a 7:15 to 7:30 pace. Three runners passed us. At a mile we had ran up an decent incline on one section of trail along the 5k route that follows a cliff along the lake shore. At the top looking down I signaled to Ryan to take the slope, I decided to just see what I could do. I ran down the grade with my arms extended slightly with my elbows away from my sides and boy, that new position really helps me with my downhill pace. Down the hill to the top of the Junaluka Dam in which the walkway is all wooded. The snow was just as it was after it landed... ALL THERE. I stayed in step with another runner tracing his steps as to not get snow in my shoes (There was around three inches on the dam), Crossed and stepped out and made a pass, feeling strong. Continuing to around the two mile mark My Forerunner 101 said I had a 7:31 mile, the first being a 7:22 mile. Now you must realizes in my 11 months running this is HUGE for me. I really have never ran this fast before. Please don't think that I am "Bragging" by any means. I am just blown away by my progress and wonder what is ahead for me... A year ago I would have laughed in your face if you told me that I would be able to run 1 lap around the local track that alone a 5k at these speeds! At the 2.72 mile a woman run up to my left, smiled and boom she was gone, I mean "speed goggle" gone, she was fast! Later I would learn that she was the winning woman. She was just awesomely quick! Mile three for me was also a 7:22. I crossed the line in 15Th place with a 22:25 or so (I do not have the official time yet). This was a FULL SEVEN SECONDS off my 5k PR! I was so excited! Only problem was that upon crossing the line my right knee felt as if I hit it with a hammer! Which after some stretching and cool down felt much better. So today, Easter Sunday, I took it easy, made myself fat with ham and macaroni and cheese and just plain relaxed... As I hope you did. That you for keeping up with me and reading. Any thoughts? I'd enjoy hearing from you, DC dctherunningtrucker@yahoo.com

Saturday, April 7, 2007

A Bit Snowy After The 5k This Morning...

This Was A Nice Week...

Hi, I hope all is well for you this first Saturday of
April! Believe it or not we here in the mountains of
North Carolina woke up to more than an inch of snow on
the ground this morning! WOW! Well, Monday, the day
after my 26.2, I took a 1 mile walk pulling my
daughter in her wagon. Ice cream time! Tues. The same
trip +1/2mi walking behind her tricycle... (cross
training), good times. Wed. Rest Thurs. A nice
thorough stretch routine. Fri. a nice 5 miles. AND...
Today, The Lake Junaluska 5k! 15th place over all with
a 22:25. I was able to knock off 9min from my old 5k
PR... I'm very excited about my progress. Ill post my
race report this evening, thank you for reading! Have
A Good Day, DC

Thursday, April 5, 2007

My First Marathon, By: DC 04h.07m.40s

I have reached the other side. Looking over my shoulder I can see who I was and in front of me who I am becoming, while standing here, understanding who I am. The race was run, the pain and euphoria felt. The friendships on that level never before experienced... made. Wholly and totally I have given. But not until challenged in this way had I ever given ALL. Crossing the line I felt such bliss. And in a different way, sadness. For it was just a passing moment. Something to be celebrated, then mourned for it's passing. This day of accomplishment not soon forgotten I'm sure. Time will pass, the pain will fade. But my memories will remain. Anxious to run into another sunrise and feel the light on my skin. As my feet begin to stick the earth, I know, I will feel new again. Here's to the future and all it may bring. For my recent past has surely made me a new man. DC 4h.07m.40s.

Marathon Mile Times...

Hi! Real quick I just wanted to share what my Forerunner 101 recorded during the race. Here are my times mile per mile though I don't understand mile 13, I remember that I lost signal in a wooded area for a minute or two. Would that account for the longer time? I bought it just for the race (to keep me slowed down) and still do not understand everything about it, other than it saved my tail a time or two... Thanks, DC.

Mile: (1)8:47, (2)8:49, (3)9:36, (4)9:49, (5)9:24, (6)9:33, (7)9:46, (8)9:53, (9)9:00, (10)7:45, (11)9:03, (12)9:43, (13)13:17, (14)9:02, (15)9:19, (16)10:40, (17)9:17, (18)9:16, (19)9:47, (20)9:08 (21)9:21, (22)9:33, (23)9:30, (24)9:46, (25)9:26, (26)8:26 and the last 385 yards are sort of lost because I forgot to turn it off for a couple of minutes! Bummer! Also said I burned aprox 3385 caleries! Thanks For Reading! DC

Monday, April 2, 2007

My FIRST Marathon! Knoxville 2007!

HI There, Sorry I haven't been around in a few days. I guess that the closing days up until my marathon I just needed to focus. I had some major stresses during the last few days up until the race. 3000 miles plus bouncing in a "Big Truck" and a last minute run up near Washington DC which got me home Thursday morning with a soar and cramping lower back to name a couple. BUT, all worked out great! I had a REIKI Session on Friday morning and just spent the day trying to and then successfully relaxing, I mean as much as I could before my first Marathon ;). I would just let the idea of running it pass through my mind and get a funky case of "Butterfly's". It was AWESOME!
I had to go to the EXPO the day before (Saturday) and pick up my race pack. I had a feeling that my downfall during the race would be if I started out too fast. So, I picked up a Forerunner 101 GPS wrist unit to wear during the race to help pace myself. I knew that I really had not spent enough time during my training to recognize my true pace with the excitement of the race and all, so this was a good option. A well spent $99, I now highly recommend this tool. The reason I mentioned this is, of course I had to try it out before the big day. Well I got caught up reading about the options, then for a short run, stretching, shower, packing all the needed stuff, ect ect.... I ended up leaving at after 4PM only to be 120 miles west of my where I was! Through the "gorge" I sped, on I-40 into Tenn... Well I was going a bit too fast 65+ in a 55 zone and..... There HE was, waiting for me. A Tennessee State Trooper. I knew what I had done and was ready to receive what I deserved... After over 1,000,000 in an 18 wheeler with no tickets. Here I sat on the side of I-40 with "Blue Lights" behind me. Bummer. He told me the reason he pulled me over I was clocked at 67 in a 55 zone. Bad DC, No donut. I told him that I was sorry and that I knew that I was going "pretty fast", He asked if I could tell him why and I responded that I was going to run in the Marathon in Knoxville the following morning and I needed to be there to get my race packet, without it I could not race. And that I had left the house late. He asked me if I could slow down for the remainder of my trip, I said Yes Sir, he responded with "Then have a safe trip and be careful". I WAS SO THANKFUL! I did not get your name officer, but thank you for your Mercie and understanding, I was without a doubt guilty of what I had done, Thank You Officer!

Once in Knoxville, I found the Expo Center, located my name on the list, got my bib # (470), received my goodie bag, time chip and t-shirt. Then took a few minutes to look around and browse through the different vendors. I stocked up on CLIFF Bars, SHOT Blocks and "super" Jelly Belly" Jelly Beans and headed out. I googled for the closest Dicks Sporting Goods Store, called them and got lost Ha! A lost truck driver! Can you imagine? (Just kidding of course, I STAY LOST!) Just down the block from Dicks I found a chines food restaurant (had to have chicken fried rice) then, across the street, a reasonable motel room and headed off to bed.

I woke up 10 min before the alarm went off, then my Dad gave me a call to wish me a Good race and my day was started! Showered dressed, gas in the car, boom parking garage, short walk to the starting line. I had decided not to go with a bright fluorescent 100% cotton tank top, something just said don't. Instead I choose my Nike wind/rain jacket which weighs about as much as a paper plate and decided that my "Alterra Camel Pack" would be best with 500 ml water phone to send blog updates,and carry the shot blocks, jelly beans and jacket when the rain stopped and got warmer. All of which happened and it was needed. I found that sometime you just need a sip of H2O to wash the "Blocks" down. 3 min before the gun the sky opened up, and with a dark morning sky, began to rain soft then it came quite a shower. Enough to completely soak you. The jacket kept me dry and warm, that was so cool.

At the sound of the gun we were all off. I was so surprised at the pace so many were trying to hold. I kept looking at the 101 GPS saying to myself, "Slow Down Man", "Too Fast, Relax". Below is a list of actual times for each mile as recorded. Within around three miles I had settled in. I met a gentleman from Virginia who's name was "JR" and we began to talk. We were very evenly paced, and as we talked the miles just flew by, Really. The course was so beautiful. The first being along the river, then into the what I call the "Victorian" section of town. The mansions exquisitely kept lawns, polished cars and smiling faces! These people were outside on their lawns having a danish and coffee as we ran by and at the same time cheering us on! I thought it was awesome! From there we eventually ran down to a paved bike trail which I must say was unbelievable. Now, during all of this is one hill after another, at this point rolling but still working our whole leg, so to speak. Soon before the half we made it to the older industrial side which as I could see was quickly being turned into a sort of "luxury condo section" There was a young woman who was close behind JR and I, who I thought was going to pass us, who jokingly said "don't worry about me, I'm just back here drafting of you two". Her name was Silke. We all ran for a while together, talking away. Then we made it through a water stop and right around the half JR had gotten 50 to 75 yards ahead uf us. We began to talk. I shared that this was my first marathon and found out this was her second Louisville being her first. We had such great conversation that again the miles just flew by. We passed the half at 2:04:21. I was very happy with the time, though a little concerned that It may be too fast. Miles 14,15,16,17,18 we just cruised. This was my first experience really running with someone and falling into a steady stride, where as you run you sort of "feed" off each others momentum. At around the 20 I could feel that the back of my right thigh was getting tight. I even told Silke, "If I stop, I'll see you at the finish line". With NO hesitation she turned and said, NO Dennis, let's get going, you are fine. That was all I needed. The right words at the right time. I will be forever grateful for the encouragement and compassion that she showed/shared at that moment. Looking back, I know that I was ready to walk and if I had it would have been very difficult to get back up to pace. Though from there we again just cruised along. We passed many other runners whom we both gave encouragement. What an awesome feeling to see them at the end of the race and see the look of accomplishment and satisfaction on their faces. At around the 24 I could feel that Silke was feeling as I was just a bit earlier. She also tried to get me to go on, " No, we're in this together, no let's get going, you can do it" We talked only in brief sentences, but we kept each other going. We got within a half mile of the finish and she basically demanded that I go ahead, she said "it's only a few seconds, now go". "I will not walk I promise" When I asked her again she promised again, so Reluctantly, and I really don't know how, belted out as close to a sprint as I could passing a few at the end, I mean, my stride was like I had NEVER felt in my time on earth, zig zaged three blocks, glances at my HR it read 172 I thought my heart was going to explode rounded the corner and down the "Shoot" into the stadium there stood a woman with a small sign that said "Slow Down, Slick, It's Wet" the look on her face as I was sprinting had to have matched mine. I just glanced and saw that to the right along the chain link sides it was dry. I never missed a beat. Then... BOOM onto the field of the Tennessee Volunteers. Which I have seen on TV so many times. All that I could see was the stop watch on the 50 yard line. I honestly forgot to look around and take it all in! I hit the line with a Negative Split! I finished In 4:07:46 (Actual Chip Time 4:07:40) The second half was 00:01:10 faster than the first! There was people asking if I was OK and trying to get the chip and handing me power aid. They wrapped a Mylar blanket around me and sat me down. They were so nice and supportive. Within a minute or so I got my senses back and stood up looking for Silke, after she came across the line, and got wrapped up I gave her a big hug and thanked her all of the support while on the course. I really could not have done it with out her. Again a HUGE Thank YOU Silke! I also met up with JR at the finish line. Who paid me the biggest compliments. I had passed him just as we passed the starting point, I can hear his words.."your looking strong Dennis, you can do it!". He also, after the race reminded me that this was a very hilly course and that if I choose to run a flat course he See's a 3:30:00 ahead for me... (Gulp!) Mabe someday JR, Thank You So Much for the good conversation and helping pass all of those miles with me.

I then saw my wife, little girl and dad waving and waiting to congratulate me, what a feeling! My Dad gave me a beautiful box chain necklace with a mini "dog tag" that commemorates the first running of a Marathon! It was such a special moment. Thank you Dad! I want to thank my Wife and Little Girl for all of the time given to let me get out and train while I was home from the road. The support you have given me has been such an encouragement to me. Thank you Roo for all of the "Run Daddy Runs" I have heard in the last several months.

This has been a wonderful experience. Hopefully the first of many. I can see many things ahead for me. Running really IS a metaphor for life. The more that I run the more that I understand life, and what it take to "live well and be a good animal".

A special thanks goes out to Steve Runner for his podcast "Phedippidations" Thank you Steve for all of the great information that you have shared with me through your outstanding podcast. Check it out at www.SteveRunner.com or search ITunes for the free downloads each week.

AND Thank you for taking the time to read a little collection of my life's experiences while running down the roads of America called DCTheRunningTrucker.com . It means so much to know that you are out there. Have a Great One, DC


Silke and JR, drop me a line at the above address, unfortunately I did'nt get a link back to you yesterday God Bless, DC