Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Contact Info:

A couple of you have let me know that its more than a
little difficult to send a comment or a message to me
through/from my blog. Please, Dont let that stand in
our way, feel free to email me at: If Im awake I check it
every couple of hours or so. Take Care, DC

Another 'Historic' Run...

I'm on my way to Morristown, TN to deliver in the morning. So, I stopped about 20 mile south of there this after noon to run from exit 417 off of I-40 to run into Dandridge, TN. The second oldest town in TN! Hey, this makes 8 states in 8 days... Cool Beans

A Double Scoop... Running That Is.

Welcome back! Well Today, technic yesterday I took a
double... Two runs, one AM and one PM, both in
different states! (below are the pics). The first was
3 or 4 mi. and the second was around 6 1/2mi. Not a
bad days running. The run thru Fort Payne, AL was the
fun one. EVERY car and truck moved over for me! (no
sidewalks along most of highway 11 on my way back to
the truck) So many people waved and said hi and hello
I was begining to think they all knew something that I
didnt. IM NOT KIDDING! Thank You Fort Payne, for
making me feel so welcome! If you have a chance, go
run there and find out for yourself, they really are
that nice! Small town America Lives! DC By the way, I
was very excited, Iran seven states in seven days!
Thanks,just wanted to share that with you!

Run#1 Today, A Country Road In Meridian, MS

This was a quiet one away from the traffic and hustle. Just me the birds and gnats! YEP...GNATS! Spring is underway in the south without a doubt, enjoy.

PM/Fort Payne, AL

Behind me is the county court house in downtown fort payne. The most friendly town I have ran in to date, or mabe it was the shirt! They could see me comming for miles! I picked three of them up just for that reason. Oh, and they kept calling me 'Sir'...?

Friday, March 23, 2007

A Nice HOT Run In Louisiana...

I made my delivery this afternoon and got a good run in. I can say one thing for sure, spring has arrived down here! AND, I have alot of adjusting to do. The heat really affected me today. Causing 'spikes' in my HR, which is normal, I guess... Rock On, DC

Thursday, March 22, 2007

On My Way To Lower LA (Louisiana)...

Yes, thats right, one day a run to a 260+ year old
Mill in the mountains of Virginia, 36 hrs later the
shore of Lake Charles, La. Cool Beans! No run today, a
little too much sitting. Even if there is no visible
signs of swelling, if I run too soon after a drive
like this (not to mention all of the bouncing) it can
really be painful. I carry my core ball with me and
today will be my core workout which I do at least
three times a week. So, its not a complete loss. So
far this week, SUN=North Carolina, MON=Maryland,
TUES=Virginia WED= None THUR= Louisiana? Cool.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Wades Mill, Va Run...

A Bit On The Extreme Side (Part 2)

As I took my mug shot in front of the mill a gentleman
pulled up and asked how my day was going, I told him
about my run, he smiled a genuine smile and said I can
tell you one things for certain, alot better you than
me! and we both laughed... Nice to meet someone with a
sence of humor. As he pulled away I Headed back. As I
made my accent again I fell into rythem. I took the
opp to max my HR, allow it to come back to 144 then
back to max using trees and rocks for goals along the
way. The Blister Block really worked great in this
situation. I made it back to the truck stop where a
couple of drivers asked how far I ran acted very
surprized. Blister and all I thought to myself. This
was a very intence workout/run, one of my most
difficult yet. But VERY enjoyable. Aprox 8.2 miles in
all. Check Out they sell whole wheat
meal for awesome breads I read on their site. Thank
You, DC

A Bit On The Extreme Side To Wades Mill, Va...

After changing clothes it started with the question
Left or Right! Within a mile I was thru Raphine And I
had noticed a small wooden sign that raid Wades Mill
3mi. A good distance I thought to myself as I steadily
accended a decent grade. Around a mile later I began
to question my judgement of La Tierra I had began a
long relentless (however beautiful) decent to the
unknown. I just settled into rythem of baby steps, no
pulled quads needed B4 the Marathon! The only sounds
were a small rushing steam,birds and my adidas. I
rounded a tight curve & boom, I was there. The Mill
and surounding area are an amazing sight to see. Built
around 1750 it looks as it did, Im sure... (continued above)


On a scale of 0 to 5, 5 being extreme for accent/decent, this was a solid 4.5 run. If you are in this area and decide to run take plenty of water and tell someone where your going! There is NO cell service out there.

#2 Wades Mill, Va Run

The small 1 1/2 lane road from Raphine,Va to Wades Mill lead me to feel that I was in a different time altogether.

#3-Wades Mill Run

Just another shot of the historic road that I ran to Wades Mill, Va from the Wilco Truck Stop, close to Raphine, Va

I Know, It Wasnt For The Squeemish...

I hope that the last photo didn't bother you that bad.
I just wanted to show what can happen when you don't
pay attention. I was so excited about my new shoes
that I failed to check my orthotics for fit. I, as you
can see discovered that the left one had a small burr
that puckered with each step, which in turn created
the only blister I have had in my adult life. This
morning I hit a pharmacy wide open and to my surprise
had everything to fix me up... A box of new skin, tape
foam, athletic tape and some snips. Would You Believe
that I took a 8.4 mile run this afternoon? I STILL
CANT! i also found a product that I used today for the
first time BAND-AID Blister Block. I have noticed that
on my longer runs that the bottoms of my feet get
tender, not any more! I highly recommend this stuff!...
makes your skin slick! All of this happening just 10
days before my first marathon! Made me just a bit
nervous! But All Is Well... Thank you for reading, DC

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Um... Opps. Should Have Listened... Tape Please. ;)

Excitement with a dose of impatience stricks again! Take it from me, when they say, 'Just ware them around a little each day to let your feet adjust, they mean it!'This is 2 runs totaling 11miles+/-. I failed to check the fit of my orthotics.100% MY FAULT.

My Replacements of Choice...

I decided that I am not going to turn pro any time soon, so I had better start buying shoe that are going to late at least a little longer. The choice... Adidas Supernova Formotions. Lighter, and so far, more cushioning... 5 stars. STAY TUNED :) DC

Topside of the Retirees

Please note as I make these posts they're sort of in reverse order;)After just 370miles the 'Pegs' 'look' good but down under I had been using shoe-goo to keep them going. Which I now know is a harder compound after it cures. Result, OUCH!

The End of My Nike AirPegasus'...

I know that I have been wimpering for a while now about my knee and other discomforts and thank you for your patience. I was reading the other day that the soul of your shoes may be the window in which you see the root of many of your leg problems...

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Runners Veiw of 'The Village of Hazelwood'

A beautiful day in Western North Carolina today... Also my first run in my new Addidas. Stay tuned for more about those and the 'retirement' of my Nike Pegasus 06's after just 370 miles! Remember the knee problem?...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Windsheild...

A piece of glass and plastic thru which I can observe
the perfect blend of kayos & syncronicity along th
highways of America... DC

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just A Thought...

If there is anything that I have learned from life out
here on the road, 4s that you can only go as fast as
the car/truck in front of you. Know Matter how fast
you COULD BE going they are there,in front, setting
the pace. It takes a trained eye to anticipate the
pattern of traffic ahead, as to not get yourself
stuck. As in our fitness goals/weight loss goals, or
training for that Dream Marathon PR/Finish, you need
to constantly be aware of your suroundings and events
unfolding around you. Just one exampke of many that I
could list, If you have a person/co worker/family
member, ect that just insists on going to the dount
shop for lunch everyday with you by their side and you
choose NOT to tell them you are changing your diet to
include healthier foods. No matter their responce,
Then you are putting their health before your own and
choosing to drive behind a guy doing 25mph in the fart
lane... REMEMBER... I Always Welcome Your Comments... DC

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Notes About My St Augustine Run...

Hi, Im not sure about the actual distanceas of yet. will help me with that when I return
home. I think their free service is Awesome for what
Im doing out here. SAT images and all for real
accuracy. I can tell you that my time was 01:40:30
w/AHR of145. That includes about 5 min for the
purchase of a $2.99 S.A shirt and a phone call from a
dispatcher. The knee issue, is getting much better. I
took a few min last night and built up a slightly worn
heels at the strik point and that seemed to help
almost as much as the foam roller. In short, there are
many points to the recovery process, and its all
working together. Thanks For Caring, just mabe
something you read here will help you down the road
oneday. As you may read below, I had a great run this
morning. I have since re-loaded and am headed on down
to Jupitor,FL for delivery in the AM. From there, mabe
on to Miami. Have to wait and see. Thanks, and take
care! DC

Me Again... [proof pic;) ]

The following are a few pics that I took along the way this morning. I had such a good time. Life on the road is hard, no question, but every once in a while... Sooo Sweeet! Ca-chow

Yes, That's Real Cobblestone...

As I ran down this street, I just could not help but think about all of the people who have walked across these stones, and all who will, long after we are all gone...


One of the many highlights was the 'path' around the castle/fort. Breathtaking dude!

The Water Front

The sea wall was great to run on, yes 'on'. At least until I got just south of town where I was informed that I had crossed into a 'Secure Area' OPPS! I Politely Ceased (he had a gun) ;)

The Zero Mile Marker...

I guess I could say this is a real point of interest to a trucker! (not to mention the history!)

Could'nt Run Away Without This One!

I found REAL history down here(400+ years). The old coble-stone back streets are amazing!

This Mornings 'Oldest City In America' Run...

This morning will go down as one of the most scenic runs I have ever taken. I mean, I ran around a CASTLE right here in the USA for Goodness sake! Ha Ha! AWESOME!

In Florida, Doing Better...

Well, another bullet run to FL (keystone Hights).
After my delivery at a constuction site, where no
truck had gone beforeand a good afternoon nap, I was
able to get an evening run in with much less pain in
the ole knee. The foam roller is really doing the
trick. Im not sure of the distance yet but it was just
shy of 40min at a strong pace. I have since driven
over just south of Jacksonville,Fl. I hope to get
another good one in before the next leg of this trip.
Historic San Augustine,FL?... Mabe...;) DC

Monday, March 12, 2007

A Light (hope) At The End Of The Tunnel...

As you know, I, DC have been running for around 11
months and have been a runner by my definination for
much less time than that. So I am a Newbe, period. So,
it comes to no surprise that when something goes wrong
concerning running, my world gets turned upside-down.
This has been the case over the past few weeks with my
right knee. However, last night, on a hunch, I
purchasd a 6in diam foam roller at a DICKS Sports
Sports Store. I incerted the DVD in the player for
direction and within 5min had true relief! But not
without some discomfort during the Rolling Massage. I
see a great improvement in just two days! I just need
2B patient. Thus, I now have Hope. Thank you for
stopping by, DC

Sorry About That...

First, my apologees for my rant about the
inconciderate pain in my tail section the other
morning. It was one of those sad moments experienced
all too often out here on the road...

Friday, March 9, 2007

Why Must People Be So Inconciderate?

After an all-nighter from N.OH to NC,I'm backing out of a long driveway to turn around and 'back' to the receiving dock when this wonderful woman drives around me and parks in my path to the receiving door (I have 72 ft of truck) Oh the TeMpTaTiOn!... ;)>

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Greetings! Home From Miami...

Well I could start this by trying to catch-up and write three or so separate posts, but, no. Here we go, I made it home Friday evening (remember I ran the day before in Miami at 80F) and my run the first night home was 30F+/- and I past an awesome mile stone (for this newbe runner)... My first mile 07:47... My second mile 15:34! a neutral split for TWO miles! I was SO STOKED! I really had to take it easy the last 4 miles or so, but man what a run. I kept hearing a statement out of a book I've been reading "Run from the hips!" It worked! Speed Goggles Man! HA HA!

The next night (Saturday), I just was not that lucky, I just had great difficulty "getting into it" the first two were a 7:36 followed by and 8:32 and down from that point on. The outside of my right knee was killing me and my left shin was on it's way out... I got it completed though.

Sundays are now for my long runs though I have only recently understood the importance of them in regards to the glycogen factor not to mention psychologically to boot. I did my J2J (Journey To Junaluska). A route I layed out to get a decent distance plus good hill work and got 12+ good miles in. At the slower "long run pace" I have much less pain and feel alot may just be over use, but more on that at a later date.

Monday, I took off and had a date with my new "Core Ball" at least that's what I call it. If it can make Brook Burk look as good as she does then I KNOW that it's bound to help an ole' guy like myself! Ha! I'll tell you what I like working with free weights from time to time, but this deal takes the cake. I literally shake from the inside using this thing!

Tonight, I had planned on taking the night off and work the ball again, however when my little Bro' (who is taller that I) told me that he may be in the mood for a 8:30pm run, well I just could not pass that up! We had a great run, nice slow at a "conversational pace"...Good Times. We had not had the opportunity in over 7 months.

In the next couple of weeks I will be posting some info based on my experiences with something I have been experimenting with. "ION Foot Baths" have you every heard of this? Really big in Europe, the elite seem to have been doing it here in the states for a while. People with many different ailments have been getting relief using this process. Here's what you could do, just Google IONIC FOOT BATH or ION FOOT BATH and take a close look at the info there. I am sure that you will find it VERY interesting. Trust Me... Thanks for stopping by and reading about DC's happenings, Run Strong,DC

Friday, March 2, 2007

Questions In Miami...

The first being, Why?! This all started after I ran in
the snow the first time in Pa. Compounded by driving
in it (cruse control is a big no no on ice, and just
on and off the gas 100s of times an hour in heavy
traffic) Anyway, the outside of my right knee is
driving me nuts! I can do the naproxin deal, that
helps for an hour or two, I just hate taking all those
meds. Have any advice? I sure could use some right
now. How can I stretch that area out? I heard
something about using a roller? Thankfully, I was able
to get in a couple of miles in around the perimeter of
the Int. Mall Of Miami @ 80F. I keep looking forward
to a run on South Beach... One Day ;) Thank You, DC