Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Howdy, Surprize?...

Greetings and Welcome...

Well over the last week I have been "Running Local" meaning that I drive to work, take trailers to be loaded or unloaded and take them back to the yard. And then a wonderful thing... I Get to go home for the evening until the next morning. It"s great to walk into the house and hear my little girl say "Daddy your home!" Something often missed by "Truck Drivers" everywhere.

I have been really contemplating something over the last week also... A DCTheRunningTrucker Podcast. Each evening and occasionally morning I take a few minutes to do research on how to get started. I mean come on, I just discovered blogging in December, so you know I'm abit behind times. I have been "practicing" my runcast. Which I found is not as easy as Steve Runner of Phidippidations and Nigel of Running From The Reaper make it sound. I really do have to adjust my pace, since I'm used to running alone and not speaking. My next question... Will anyone listen? I'm looking for ideas on content and music, mostly it will just be a running trucker talking about what he sees in any town USA.

Over the last week I decided to just take it easy. Feeling as I was closing in on burnout, I took two days and just rested. Have you had that experience?.. Just no get up and go? Shoot me some ideas on how to get though it, would you? It's been pretty rough. I got back to it again last night with a five miler and today with an all out DC sprint around the one mile block around my neighborhood, which was a 7:27/mile, not bad for a sedentary truck driver, Ha Ha. I'm quite sure that most of you can smoke me out there.

I'm on my way back to the truck in a few minutes. Now it's time for a quick Cleavland, OH turn, then possibly home for the week-end. I will try to shoot a few picks from my mobile on the way, Thank you for taking the time to read this Truckers Blog, DC

Send me some Ideas!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cool Again Tonight...

I retuned home from my run a few minutes ago to find this on my desktop... An awesome run though. I'll be posting more in a few hours... Sleep time.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thank You Dr. Monte!

I just wanted to give a special thanks to Dr Monte of the "Fitness Rocks" podcast for the mention of my "Running Truckers Blog". Thank you Dr., That was really awesome of you!

If you are seriously interested in your health, PLEASE take a couple of minutes and download the "Fitness Rocks" podcast, Dr. Monte is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and diet and believe me, we all have something to learn from him! Thank yoiu Dr.!

Hello... I'm Still Here, ;)

Hi! Long time no post, My apologizes. My schedule just got the best of me and have been dealing with some "wacky four wheeler issues" (the family car). I think most can relate.

Anyway, I have taken a few days off of work (driving the big truck) to get some much needed issues straightened out and have been able to get three runs in so far this week. I had to take yesterday off to let a pair of rather soar shins take a rest. I had noticed that on my "faster" runs that I was extending my pace just a little past comfortable and came close to paying a grand price for the quicker times... All is well now though after the day of rest though. Tonight's run was started at 1:30am and was 19F, just an awesome run, very smooth and know hassles or pains. I do look forward to getting back into my routine with driving and running, but I have Greatly enjoyed my time at home.

Tomorrows run in questionable. We are expecting wind chills into the single digits wind very windy snowy conditions (I'll believe it when I see it!) I'm doing my best to stay positive! Thank you for taking time to stop by...DC

Friday, January 19, 2007

My Toes Got Cold...

Well tonight was hovering around 18F. Not all that cold, but enough to get my toes cold. Would you believe in my state of mind I considered slowing down as to not let my feet pass through the cold mountain air so quickly! Ha Ha! I soon got over it and just settled into a easy pace. I have been very fortunate in the past week (8days) to run every day. As I love to run there are also times when I just want to climb into bed and forget about it. Ever have those days? I had a short week with just one quick trip down to Jacksonville, so that left four days to just kick back and spend time with my wife and little girl.

I really like my running to be the last activity of the day, just a great way to chill out and let the stress go. However, I have found that during the winter months that's probably not going to be the warmer choice... But it's so cool to finish up and start my "cool down" with all the steam rising!

Have a great day everyone, DC

Back in NC @ 22F

Hello all, I hope these typed words find you in good health and cheer. Thanks for stopping by.

I made it safely back to NC after a bit of a layover in Jacksonville,FL (took a while to find freight out of there). Though I put at least two and a half hours to good use... I ran! It was just like I remember last spring and summer when I had just started running, HOT! I made it back to find an assorted bunch of winter weather advisories in effect... Sounded like the world was going to come to an end with several feet of snow and ice... Well, I got out and ran that first night home, it was 22F. needless to say running tights and the work were in store. The next morning, well, no ice, only a dusting of snow, it was gone in the first few minutes after the morning sun started shining... Seems to me that was the third time this season that has happened. I'm worried that I'll get tired of them crying wolf and one day... BOOM! SNOW! ;)

I do have a question for you though. Lately I have noticed that the first three miles or so have been much faster than normal. Which I believe I have posted. I run the first in the 7:30 range w/ HR around 162-170. Second in the 8:30 range sometimes followed by a brisk 30- 45 sec. walk and kick in the third (which is a series of two long hills with a short drop in the middle). Well I guess the point is, is that after this first three miles, It's like I just "ZONE" I can then just run and run and my HR steadies out at almost a constant 152. Is this normal? As an example, last night I ran a little over 10 miles, the last 7 being in that "zone" state of mind, and the only reason I came home was that it was getting late... I felt like I needed a pink bunny suit with a big drum! I'm guessing that this is just the evolution of getting stronger? Love to hear what you think out there in "BlogLand".

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

79F In January...

OK, So I had to drive south 500 miles to work up one
heck of a sweat... IT WAS WORTH EVERY MILE! If you
have seen my Workout Log you know that I am quite
adjusted to running at night in the mtns of north
carolina (this winter 11F to 35F so far). Today was a
real treat & real taste of summer. A great run though
I did take two water breaks because of the heat. I
know that I got at least five good miles in. I got a
bit bummed out when I kept finding the end of the
sidewalk! This ever happen to you? With no real
shoulder I just found some good side roads and kept
going, still a very enjoyable day followed by a great
sunset. Now I'm headed back to NC where the current
temp is 22F... Thats truckn... burrr

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An Old Friend...

Today as I ran an old friend appeared. Not a word spoken, but kept perfect pace like no one else. Though I tend to run in darkness, today was the exception. A nice reminder, that no matter how far or fast I run he is always there... DC

Monday, January 15, 2007

Drama- Part 3

OK, Read 1 & 2 Below First. Sorry about that, it"s
just I have found the limitations to updating via

As I past around the 1.5 mile mark I ran
across an intersection. As I reached the other side,
I noticed that there was a convenience
store that appeared to be new, and quite busy on the opposite
corner from me. Just like I see all the time. I was two blocks
past it when I heard the sirens, then the helicopter...
I had just missed seeing the store get robbed!
It Was Nuts! I sure was thankful that I
had taken my running bottle (water) with me, instead
of stopping and purchasing one at that store! Sometimes
even in our running lives syncrnicity can be our
saving grace. Thanks For Reading, DC

Drama-Part 2

Updating my blog via sprint moble is new 2to me so thank you
for your patience. This is the 2nd part of my PM entre,
as I have a 250 letter limit when attaching a photo.

The pic below is 2 me thankfuly rare. My Peterbilt and
residential areas just dont get along. However since I
was delivering a house to the constuction site, today
was my exception. A Hurricane Proof round house mfg by
Del-Tec to be exact. After a day of basicly just
watching others work the time was right to go take a
run. I knew that I was at the end of the main road
into the community, which was about a mile in length.
Thoughout the day I had noticed many people walking,
running and ridding their bikes to the end of the
street where I was. It was nice to see so much
activity! I got changed, stretched and was off in a
flash. I really dont understand why but lately it seem
that I just can not start out slow. My first mile has
been pretty consistant around a 7»30. Of course the
miles then drop off to mid to high eights. Strange...

Drama? Part 1

Well, as life likes to do at times, there was a bit of drama today. As I was on my run this afternoon a convenience store was held up@ gunpoint. Yes, within about two minutes of running past. Lots of activity that I had no need to be running though,take me home feet!

Unloading In Jacksonville...

Arrived before daybreak. Have just awoke to find partly cloudy sky's & warm! They are nearly finished unloading the round house from my trailer. The house will be very nice. And be built right on the river!I'm looking forward to running this afternoon down here!

I have mentioned these "round houses" If you are curious, the are semi-prefab. THe walls are built in sections along with the struts and joists loaded into trailers such as I pull then delivered to the final construction site. Then assembled by another crew. They can with stand winds in excess of 150-200mph they say.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A quick run before I go...

Well my home time for the week is unfortunately gone and this afternoon it was time to get just one more short run in. It's hard to believe that I just ran in Waynesville, NC in the Great Smokey Mountains, in the middle of january and it was 60deg F? Crazy, but awesomely comfortable not doubt. Tonight I have to leave for Jacksonville, Florida. I'll be there in the morning (around 4am) get some sleep and hopefully go for a run in the Florida sunshine tomorrow before I head off to the next city... If you have kept up with this little nutty blog and you notice a couple very short postings with a photo, those are being sent in with my cellphone. A pretty cool way to keep things updated while I'm on the road. "Short But Sweet" Ha! Ha!

Lately it's been a real bear to keep motivated due to a thyroid issue that I've been dealing with the last few weeks. Lets just say that if you have the unfortunate dealings with "hyper thyroid ism" you better make darn sure to stay on top of your prescriptions and not run out of your meds! I just let an act of stupidity take over and tried to stretch them out by taking less... Not Good. And I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE.

As I said, I am off to the big FL and should be home by next weekend. To all out there have a great week and Happy Running! Run Strong, DC

Saturday, January 13, 2007

One of My Veiws Tonight

A nice run tonight. Due to a very tight schedual I had to take 3 long days off from running. Temp was in the high 40s. For a runner there is not alot worse than taking time off. But not alot better than that first run in after the break!

Oh, and the Pic shown here is of the old downtown section of Hazelwood, NC. Phone pic, so the quality is not the best...

Monday, January 8, 2007

A Special Thanks To Steve Runner and Phidippidations

Thank you Steve Runner for your words of encoragement and mention on your fantastic podcast Phidippidations - #78. You really surprised me the other night. While I was on a late night(3am)run. I had just returned from a drive up to Pittsburge,PA and Youngstown,Oh and was running down the street in my hometown, then began hearing about my blog on your podcast! Awesome Man! Thanks!

If you are a runner or want a better understanding of a friend, spouse or family member who is, LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST! Lots of interesting info, along with "rambling diatribes recorded during distance runs" and some great music. Check out "Phidippidations" on Itunes or at:

Keep up the great work Steve!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

A Nice Busy Week

Greetings! I had some great opportunities this week. First of all I am very happy that I was able to break 30 miles this week, Yeah! I know there quite a few of you out there that probably smoke that... But I'm getting there. It's been a great road to travel! I was able to get a 5.24 mile run in, in the small mountain town of Black Mountain,NC on Tuesday evening. Hence the photo, I'm not a fan of photos of myself, I just like to document that I was really there and in the future I'm sure that it will be fun looking back... Black Mountain is a awesome place to just set into your stride and take in the sights. A lot of coffee shops, antiques stores, backpacking and outdoorsport stores line the streets in an "old mountain style".
As you may know I drive and 18 wheeler over the road". This week took me up to Pittsburgh,Pa and then over to the Youngstown, OH area. the second day Wednesday I found myself just too tired to get out and run. However that was a different story when Thursday rolled around. Driving down through the east and then south east side of Youngstown I drove through a small town by the name of Poland,OH. The town itself was beautiful. I came to the junction of 616 and 224 and saw a small park area with a clock tower and large bronze sculpture and knew that if I could I wanted this place to be my destination for this mornings run... I mean how often do you get to "Run to Poland"? I eventually located the shippers address, as I had a 10am appt. With parking scarce I headed about 2 miles south and found a Truck Stop as a starting point for my run. I had a great time. from the beginning I decided that I would not look back. Eyes ahead and run I said... By the time I had made it to the clock tower in Polland that I had seen earlier I was 1:06:00 into my run! I was surprized! To make a long story short, I'm very glad Steve at had suggested ShotBlocks They got me through. Lately if I go over say 40 minutes running I am getting VERY hungry during my run. This run turned out to be 14.19 miles as per and finished in 2:18:30 I believe it was. Almost a bit more than I could chew for that morning, BUT, I Ran To Poland!

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year Everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment to say Happy New Year to everyone out there! I hope that this year brings to you all of the opportunities to make all of your dreams come true. I look forward to the year ahead with excitement and anticipation. Thank you for the opportunity to share my stories with you of the road as a "runner" and "trucker"... I guess that makes me a "Trucking Runner"! God Bless You All!, DC